Microsoft has launched an advanced, fully managed event handling service named Azure Event Grid this week. This new tool is the first of its kind application that makes event-based and serverless applications easier to build on Azure. Event-based programming is growing faster and there is more emphasis on serverless platforms like Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps. Azure Event Grid will simplify the development of event-based applications and the creation of serverless workflows. It has the capacity to manage the routing of events from any source to any destination, regardless of the application. The Event Grid sits on top of Azure Service Fabric- a platform built by Microsoft for creating micro-services.Event Grid Process Handling.

Here are some of the benefits of the new Azure Event Grid service:

  • Azure Event Grid will make event a first class object in Azure. That means it supports direct event filtering so that you will only receive those events that matter to you.
  • Ability to handle built-in events and create your own custom events and event handlers.
  • Designed to scale massively, along with higher reliability and consistent performance.
  • Increases the scope for serverless applications by allowing event-based scenarios to extend to new services quickly.
  • Built-in support for Azure Automation so that it can adapt to infrastructure changes or VM creations.
  • More flexibility in handling events, and publishing them to any service including third-party services.

All these features make Azure Event Grid a unique service in the public cloud. Besides serverless integrations and applications, Event Grid helps developers in automating ops workflows. IoT fit applications will also find the Azure Event Grid useful, though not at the initial phase. IoT Hub, an upcoming service in the Azure product-line will be given support in the Azure Event Grid, later this year. Pricing for Azure Grid varies depending upon the number of operations you process. The bottom line is that Azure Event Grid lets you focus on your app logic rather infrastructure.



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